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pymorph Morphology Toolbox
Morphological image processing tools for Python.


The pymorph Morphology Toolbox for Python is a powerful collection of latest state-of-the-art gray-scale morphological tools that can be applied to image segmentation, non-linear filtering, pattern recognition and image analysis.

The pymorph Morphology Toolbox is an open source software for Morphological Image Analysis and Signal Processing written in Python. It is a companion resource for the book: Hands-on Morphological Image Processing , by Edward Dougherty and Roberto Lotufo, published by SPIE, Aug 2003, ISBN=0-8194-4720-X.

From its preface:

"The book is hands-on in a very real sense. Most of the techniques used in the book are available in the Morphology Toolbox, and a great majority of the images shown in the text have been processed by the toolbox. These images, along with a demonstration version of the toolbox are downloadable free from the web ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/pymorph ), so that the reader can actually process the images according to the examples and demonstrations in the text. There is a brief discussion in the first chapter as to how the toolbox correlates to the text, but we do not emphasize this relation throughout the text since we do not want to digress from the imaging essentials. Detailed use of the toolbox can be learned from the downloadable version. To assist the user, each chapter concludes with a list of the toolbox operations used in the chapter, and the detailed demonstration sections include corresponding toolbox implementations".

As the fuctions are written in pure Python, some functions are not very efficient and may take very long to process. In this case, it is possible to use a professional version available at http://www.mmorph.com/pymorphpro . This version is a superset of the pymorph project.

The images used in the book together with the python scripts to build most of the figures that illustrate the book are available here: toolbox handson.

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